Monday, March 28, 2016

Claire Elyse: 11 Months

Now that Claire is 1 in less than a week (what?????), I think it is time to get her 11 month update on the blog!

Weeks 44-47
Weeks 11 (and 12 which you will read about soon), we have seen a shift from "baby" to "beginning toddler." it is exciting, amazing, terrifying, exhausting, saddening, and wonderful all at the same time.  She is so unbelievable fun and curious! She loves to explore the world and I love seeing things through her eyes!

-Claire is very vocal! While it is mostly still "baby talk" she is starting to say actual words! This month she began saying: car, dada, done, and hi.
-She loves pointing and "OOing" at the things in her books; especially her favorite book, First 100 Words.
-She still loves reading! She is very gentle with her books.  She has the lift the flap books and takes really good care of them!
-She nods her head yes (very dramatically) and shakes her head no
-She moos when she sees a cow in a book
-She plays "night night, wake up!:
-She is really starting to respond to commands, "come here, give me that,"etc
-We have a window in our family room that is right at her height and she will stand and look out at it for so long
-She turns the light switches on and off
-She has woken up clapping multiple times
-She is generally a very content baby; she plays independently very well! 
-She plays patty cake
-She points and everything and says "oooo"
-She has started giving the sweetest hugs
-She loves to stand at her dresser and empty/refill her drawer
-Claire went to her first superbowl party this month

-She wears 9 month clothing, 12 month pajamas
-Her eye color is still unknown
-She weighs ~18lbs according to our home scale
-Her hair is an auburn color; I think it is going to lighten a lot again in the Summer

First time swinging!

Giving kisses to her baby

First fort with daddy

Cup of Claire

Claire's first Valentine's Day

Vday with her cousins

Claire was not as big of a fan of the snow the second time around...

I look forward to many coffee dates in our future

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